Upcoming Online Marketplace Aims To Make Selling Raw Trading Cards Easier

New online marketplace could challenge eBay for buying and selling ungraded trading cards

One of the most challenging aspects of selling raw (ungraded) trading cards, is conveying the condition through words and pictures. Ungraded, a new, online consignment-based marketplace for trading cards, aims to alleviate that struggle with state-of-the-art imaging software.

The United Kingdom-based company recently shared their launch trailer, showcasing their powerful imaging technology that is able to capture every detail of a trading card.

When it comes to selling ungraded cards online, especially rare and expensive ones, sellers are tasked with listing as much detail as possible for potential buyers. From flaws and printing errors to condition specifics like scratches, bends, and warping, buyers want it all, because it eases their concerns and tells them exactly what they’re purchasing. In addition to written descriptions, sellers are almost always required to include pictures of the card(s) they’re wanting to offload, but even with a good camera, photographing a card from every angle is tedious and capturing every detail is nearly impossible. That’s where Ungraded comes in.

According to Ungraded, users will be able to “submit their cards to us for us to handle imaging, listing (auction or fixed price), storage, insurance, onward postage to buyers, and customer service.” Then, utilizing their unique imaging process, the cards will be “…presented in ultra-high definition, with photos taken from hundreds of angles, stitched together into a 3D viewing experience unlike any other.”

Once processed, the cards can be listed as an auction or as fixed price sales, similar to eBay’s “Buy It Now” listings. As usual with consignment work, the seller will pay a percentage-based fee to Ungraded if their card(s) goes unsold after 30 days, however Ungraded plans to cover postage and insurance costs, which is a huge bonus for sellers.

For traditional auctions, there will be a buyer’s premium that is a “variable percentage based on hammer price”. You can view a full breakdown of the buyer’s premiums on Ungraded’s FAQ page. Listings with a fixed price will not be subject to a buyer’s premium.

Ungraded plans on launching their operations beginning this July, with auctions for Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering available. Unfortunately, Ungraded will only be shipping and accepting domestic submissions at launch due to insurance restrictions but do plan to open up international operations as soon as possible.