Ten No-Rares-Needed Synergies In MTG’s Outlaws Of Thunder Junction Limited

Andy “Icky” Ferguson puts together the pieces in Outlaws of Thunder Junction Limited, sharing ten synergies between common and uncommon cards to watch out for while drafting and playing.

Unscrupulous Contractor
Unscrupulous Contractor, illustrated by Mila Pesic

1. Quick Draw + Rooftop Assassin

Quick Draw Rooftop Assassin

A cute, flashy combination that assures you win any gunslinging showdown.

2. Take the Fall + Scalestorm Summoner / Servant of the Stinger

Take the Fall Scalestorm Summoner Servant of the Stinger

I love Take the Fall, and it has some really awesome interactions. It’s a cheap trick that enables either of these Warlock outlaws to do their warlock-ing.

3. Ankle Biter + Betrayal at the Vault

Ankle Biter Betrayal at the Vault

The classic deathtouch + bite synergy. Unfortunately, Ankle Biter is a bit lackluster on its own, though it is green’s only non-rare creature with deathtouch. Rattleback Apothecary makes for a more exciting combination.

4. Thunder Lasso + Omenport Vigilante

Thunder Lasso Omenport Vigilante

A fast Turn 2-3 sequence, allowing you to attack for six and tap a blocker until addressed. If you can protect the creature with Take Up the Shield the following turn, the game ends quickly.

5. Corrupted Conviction + Take for a Ride

Corrupted Conviction Take for a Ride

Both cards are a bit weak individually, but make for a perfect pair. I wouldn’t recommend seeking out this combination, as you can get these cards from Pick 10 on.

6. Fake Your Own Death + Unscrupulous Contractor

Fake Your Own Death Unscrupulous Contractor

If Unscrupulous Contractor sacrifices itself, you can draw four/lose four – or finish off an opponent. There are lots of great enters-the-battlefield abilities to pair Fake Your Own Death with before sacrificing.

7. Lively Dirge + Ruthless Lawbringer + Forsaken Miner

Lively Dirge Ruthless Lawbringer Forsaken Miner

Combining Lively Dirge with Ruthless Lawbringer and a one-drop gives the reanimation spell an additional mode of destroying a nonland permanent.

8. Mobile Homestead + Sterling Hound

Mobile Homestead Sterling Hound

Mobile Homestead plus Sterling Hound offers a nice Turn 2-3 sequence, with the Sterling Hound likely able to put a land on top of your library! It’s worth mentioning that Miriam, Herd Whisperer is another strong follow-up in lieu of the Sterling Hound.

9. Deadeye Duelist + Intimidation Campaign / Bandit’s Haul

Deadeye Duelist Intimidation Campaign Bandit's Haul

Deadeye Duelist provides a repeatable, cheap crime that will allow you to amass advantage or ping your opponent to death, as with Intimidation Campaign. Meanwhile, Bandit’s Haul forms another nice Turn 2-3 sequence with Deadeye Duelist, as the Bandit’s Haul can pay for the activation cost of the Deadeye Duelist.

10. Metamorphic Blast + Slick Sequence

Metamorphic Blast Slick Sequence

In a perfect world, killing a creature and drawing three cards seems decent. At the end of the day, this combo costs seven, but it would be a pretty Slick Sequence!

I hope you learned something today. Now get out there and put together a great draft!

Lose and Learn, Learn and Win!


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