Unfinity’s Priority Boarding Gives Red Another Die-Roll Payoff

New enchantment plays well with Attractions and other die-roll cards

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC), check out a card from Unfinity that pairs nicely with Attractions — Priority Boarding!

This three-mana red enchantment will be just the ticket for decks leveraging Attractions. With an Attraction in play, you will always roll a die at the start of your main phase, making sure Priority Boarding triggers. Of course, you’re going to have to roll high to make sure you can play the card, or construct a deck with as many cheap cards as possible. If you reveal a land after a 1, at least you get something despite whiffing on your Attractions.

If you are light on Attractions, you can find plenty of other die-roll cards, especially from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms and Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate. In fact, rolling a d20 will be far stronger with Priority Boarding, as you will be able to play the revealed card far more often.

What do you think of Priority Boarding? Will it shine in Commander or be relegated to a role player in Unfinity limited?

Unfinity is scheduled to release on October 7. View our official preview gallery.