Unfinity Stamp Misprints Cause Confusion In First Week Of Set’s Launch

Players are finding printing errors in Magic’s newest Un-set

Space Beleren, illustrated by Tyler Jacobson

Magic: The Gathering’s newest release, Unfinity, has reportedly experienced a series of printing errors.

Members of the Magic community have taken to various forums to voice their confusion upon noticing the Unfinity acorn stamp appearing on cards that shouldn’t have it. Over the weekend, Reddit user Zwor shared this picture of Space Beleren to the magicTCG subreddit.

Another Reddit user, Capable_Hope _7878, shared a post showing off two versions of Myra the Magnificent – one with the acorn stamp and one without.

While the stamp’s designed purpose isn’t all that complicated, the acorn appearing on select cards that should be eternal-legal leads to situations like we see above, where the question becomes “can I play this card or not?”

Unfinity‘s acorn stamp was designed to take the place of the silver-borders from previous Un-sets, as specific cards from Unfinity would be legal in Magic’s eternal formats – Vintage, Legacy, Pauper, and Commander – for the first time. Any cards from the set that aren’t eternal-legal would be marked with the acorn stamp and would only be allowed in casual play.

During Unfinity preview season, some card images depicted the same issue, however Wizards of the Coast (WotC) noted that they were just proof errors and shouldn’t affect that official print run. Now, with more and more packs being opened, it seems the error goes much deeper than anticipated.

While an official statement from WotC has yet to be made, Magic Head Designer, Mark Rosewater, first acknowledged the issue on October 8 via his Blogatog, where even he seemed surprised.

As of today, October 10, Rosewater has responded to at least three separate posts on his blog regarding the issue and stated that he would be looking into it this week.