Ultra Pro To Release Gear Featuring Cuddly Creature From Outlaws Of Thunder Junction

Prepare to see Loot popping up everywhere

Loot, the Key to Everything illustrated by Gaboleps

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and Ultra Pro are leaning into the latest key character in the Magic: The Gathering story by selling Loot merchandise in the form of a plush Gamer Pouch and a card binder.

Loot, the furry creature that was recovered from the vault floating above Thunder Junction, looks to be an important piece of the Magic story going forward. The cute and cuddly creature is appearing on multiple pieces of Magic-themed gear with the first being a Gamer Pouch that serves as a dice bag and plush collectible for MTG fans. It stands about six inches tall, can hold seven standard sized die, and is listed for $19.99 on Ultra Pro’s website with a coming soon release date.

Loot also graces the front of a four-pocket card binder from Ultra Pro, though the product listing calls it a Vraska binder. The PRO-Binder is also listed as coming soon with a price tag of $14.99.

Loot, the Key to Everything is a Legendary Beast Noble creature Jace and Vraska were able to escape with out of the Fomori vault of Maag Taranau and is speculated to be a living/biological map of the Omenpaths and multiverse.