Two New Eldrazi From MTG Modern Horizons 3 Previewed

Take a look at two new Eldrazi from Modern Horizons 3

Emrakul, the World Anew, illustrated by Brent Hollowell

Preview season for Modern Horizons 3 is just around the corner, and Wizards of the Coast (WotC) is starting things off with a look back at the Magic: The Gathering storyline from nearly a decade ago, when the Gatewatch assembled to fend off the interstellar threat of the Eldrazi.

Included in two out of the six story recaps, are new preview cards – Breaker of Creation and Devourer of Destiny – two new Eldrazi included in Modern Horizons 3.

First up, we have Breaker of Creation – an eight-mana 8/4 that gains you one life for every colorless permanent you control. Keeping in mind that lands do not have a color identity, it’s likely that you’ll be gaining a good chunk of life whenever you cast this spell, even if you don’t control a ton of other non-land permanents. It also has hexproof from each color for added protection, and annihilator 2 tacked on for good (and thematic) measure. While Breaker of Creation may not stack up against its mythic rare counterparts in Constructed formats, look out for this beefy uncommon at the top end of Modern Horizons 3 Limited decks.

The second card previewed is Devourer of Destiny – a seven-mana 6/6 that, in a rare turn of events, helps sculpt your early-game. By revealing it from your starting hand, you can look at the top four cards of your library, put one back on top, and then exile the rest. While keeping a seven-drop in your starting hand is a little questionable, starting the game with what amounts to a 50-card deck could be very powerful in the right archetype. Decks like Mono-Green Tron in Modern might be the most interested in Devourer of Destiny, as it helps find potential threats, Expedition Map, or missing Tron lands on Turn 1. Plus, this card can be cast as early as Turn 3 with Urza’s Mine, Tower, and Power Plant in play.

So what do you think of these new Eldrazi? If you’ve never read the Eldrazi storyline, you can head over to the Magic mothership to catch up.