Pinfinity FNM Upgrade Kit Reveals Possible Jace, The Mind Sculptor In Bloomburrow

Iconic planeswalker could be appearing in Bloomburrow

A Friday Night Magic upgrade available to Wizards Play Network (WPN) stores offered players a glimpse at a possible version of Jace, the Mind Sculptor that could be coming in Bloomburrow this fall.

The Bloomburrow Exclusive FNM kit from Pinfinity includes six AR-enhanced pins and two full-sized metal Commander tokens. There will be two unique augmented reality pins (three for each) with the anthropomorphized Fox version of Jace appearing on one of the pins.

The WPN article announcing the kit was originally posted with a short video showing the pin when viewed through the Pinfinity app that provides animations and audio tracks to its AR-enhanced pins. The video was removed shortly after the article was published, but you can see the pin before its animation was activated and after (above).

The animation continued, removing the pin and replacing it with an animated version of Jace, the Mind Sculptor that looks similar to an illustration from the Bloomburrow first look article from Daily MTG.

The article from Daily MTG states there is a special showcase treatment in Bloomburrow called Imagine: Courageous Critters that depicts renowned planeswalkers and creatures were they to visit the plane.

Whether the planeswalkers appear in the main set, a bonus sheet, or as Special Guests is still unclear, though the set symbol on the card shown in the video doesn’t match with the main set symbol. It’s possible the Jace shows up in the Commander set, as the symbol looks closer to the BLC expansion flower symbol than the main set leaf. It would also make sense if the card was in the Commander set as the Pinfinity FNM Upgrade kit includes Commander tokens.

Pinfinity creates augmented reality pins to evolve the world of collecting via combining physical pinis with AR experiences.

Read the official article from the WPN site.