Sheldon Menery To Be Immortalized On Upcoming Magic: The Gathering Card

Beloved MTG personality to be immortalized on upcoming card

Inkshield, illustrated by Jarel Threat

Earlier this month, the Magic community said goodbye to Sheldon Menery – creator of EDH (Commander) and co-founder of the Commander Rules Committee – after a seven-year bout with cancer.

Now, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has revealed the artwork for an upcoming Magic: The Gathering card featuring Sheldon’s likeness.

This past weekend, MagicCon: Las Vegas hosted the Magic: The Gathering World Championship, as well as a ton of special events and panels. One such panel paid tribute to Sheldon, and included a glimpse at the artwork for an upcoming card made in his likeness. While full details of the card have yet to be announced, based on the illustration by Donato Giancola, many are speculating that it could be Inkshield – one of Sheldon’s favorites.

Other tributes to Sheldon could be found throughout the convention hall, including a display in the Command Zone, where players could pay their respects and make donations to the American Cancer Society – Sheldon’s charity of choice.

In addition to all his contributions to the development of the Commander format, Sheldon was also a retired Level 5 judge, game designer, and self-proclaimed “full-time trophy husband.”