Secret Lair Drop Yields Big Surprise For Sliver Fans

A recent Secret Lair drops yields a spicy find for Sliver enthusiasts.

Horned Sliver, illustrated by Allen Williams

Twitter user BenMakesStuff shared a picture of their recent find in a Secret Lair drop — a (currently) one-of-a-kind full-art foil Horned Sliver.

While the jury is still out on this card’s immediate value, this is the first time Horned Sliver has been printed with a modern-border and in foil, making it exceedingly rare. Many Twitter users are speculating that it could settle in the $300-$400 range, based on the current market price for the Sliver Hive Secret Lair bonus card, but as many pointed out, prices could go wild at auction.

While it’s likely that more copies of this card will eventually be found, similar to the Secret Lair bonus cards we’ve seen in the past like the backwards-printed Viscera Seer, for now, this is the first of its kind and a welcome addition to any Sliver tribal enthusiast’s collection.

So what do you think of this card? How much would you pay to include this gem in your Sliver deck? Let us know what you think in the comments over on Facebook and Twitter.