Secret Lair Drop Yields Unique Misprinted Viscera Seer

SCG GM of Sales finds a unique misprint in his Phyrexian Praetors Secret Lair drop

Viscera Seer, illustrated by John Stanko

Star City Games General Manager of Sales, Ben Bleiweiss, took to Twitter to show off this bizarre find — a foil Viscera Seer with backwards printing.

Found in the foil version of the Phyrexian Praetors Secret Lair Drop, the card appears almost entirely backwards, including the art, flavor text, stat-line, and artist credit. According to Bleiweiss, the back of the card appears normal, along with the stamp which marks the card as #77/100.

Since these drops are just now arriving to those who purchased them months ago, it’s currently unclear whether every drop will include this oddity as a series of random seedings from #1 to #100, or if they will include other cards with the same mirrored treatment.

While Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has yet to comment on the misprint, another Twitter user noted that they too had received something strange in their foil Phyrexian Praetors drop, implying that these oddities may not be entirely unplanned — making them almost “easter-egg” like in nature.

Naturally, some users have expressed their skepticism of the “randomness” of the find, but Bleiweiss ensures that he had no idea that it was coming, stating “I don’t think this was “seeded” to us either, I think we just got lucky.”

For anyone interested in making this unique card part of their collection, Bleiweiss is currently holding an auction for it over on the #MTGRarities: Major Misprints, Test Prints, Oddities Facebook page.