Saypoff, Mono-White Humans, Wins US Regional Championship

First US Regional Championship draws more than 900 players

Recruitment Officer, illustrated by Johan Grenier

Matthew Saypoff won the US Regional Championship at Dreamhack in Atlanta on Sunday with Mono-White Humans.

Matthew Saypoff

The 928-person Pioneer event marked the return of marquee in-person tabletop Magic, with the Top 48 players earning invites to the Pro Tour, which makes its return in 2023. The Top 8 featured eight different archetypes, with Mono-Green Devotion — the most played deck in the event — missing out on the elimination rounds.

Saypoff made the Top 8 as the No. 8 seed with a record of 11-2 in the Swiss, setting up a quarterfinal match against Mythic Championship London 2019 winner, Eli Loveman on Rakdos Midrange.

Saypoff moved on to the semis after a 2-1 win against Loveman and defeated Michael Letsch on Selesnya Auras (Jegantha) 2-0. Ken Takahama, on Izzet Phoenix, was all that remained between Saypoff and the title. The match went the distance with Saypoff taking the third game to lock up $30,000, the trophy, and a invite to the Magic World Championship. Takahama also snagged an invite to Worlds to go with $15,000.

The Pioneer format proved diverse despite rumblings that bans were needed to impact decks like Mono-Green Devotion and Abzan Greasefang. Of the eight most played decks in the event, only four managed to get a copy in the Top 8. Mono-Green Devotion, Gruul Vehicles, Abzan Greasefang, and Four-Color Fires (Keruga) all missed on the elimination rounds. The top performing deck on the weekend was Lotus Field Combo, with only 16 pilots, but a 58 percent win rate.

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