Rosewater Asks For Feedback On Possible Star Wars MTG Set

Head designer asks if people would like a Star Wars set

Grim Tutor illustrated by Roberto Gatto

Magic: The Gathering Head Designer, Mark Rosewater, put out a feeler on his blog to gauge the interest in a Star Wars themed MTG set.

Magic has already experimented with massive IP crossovers with Secret Lair drops for Street Fighter, The Walking Dead, League of Legends, and Fortnite, but the upcoming Warhammer 40K Commander Decks and the Lord of the Rings Modern-legal set will push these collaborations even further. The Lord of the Rings set will be the first full Universes Beyond booster release, with all cards being available to play in Modern, Legacy, Vintage, and Commander.

While many Universes Beyond products invoke negative reactions from enfranchised players, fans of the featured IP tend to enjoy the crossovers. The Walking Dead Secret Lair drop was the best-selling drop at the time of its release and the recent Street Fighter drop garnered a positive response. The move to having in-Magic versions of the new cards also helped the idea go down smoother for longtime MTG players.

So, how would Magic players and Star Wars fan respond to a Star Wars set? The feedback on Rosewater’s blog was fairly split on positive and negative replies, but the Reddit thread on the same topic was overwhelmingly negative. Some players don’t want any Universes Beyond products, others are ok with the limited Secret Lair drops, but others are all for Magic versions of the Death Star and characters like Yoda or Luke Skywalker.

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