Pro Tour Battle For Zendikar Winner Passes Away

One of Japan’s most decorated MTG players has passed away

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar illustrated by Eric Deschamps

Kazuyuki Takimura, Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar champion and Grand Prix Kyoto winner, died on October 13, according to an obituary from his employer.

Kazuyuki Takimura after winning Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar in 2015

Takimura was working as the development director and game designer of Last Chronicle Infinity, a game by Hobby Japan Co. The obituary states that Takimura died due to an illness and his wake and funeral were attended by close relatives.

The Hareruya MTG Twitter account announced his passing and paid respects to the Japanese pro player.

Takimura won Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar with Abzan Aggro, defeating Ryohichi Tamada on Jeskai Midrange in the finals. He won the Team Limited Grand Prix in Kyoto alongside teammates Yuki Matsumoto and Yuuki Ichikawa in 2016.