Magic Partners With Korean Artist For Pair Of Region-Exclusive Tokens

Two new region-exclusive tokens set to debut with The Brothers’ War

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has partnered with cartoonist Seung Hoon Na for a set of two Korea-exclusive tokens.

Shared to Reddit by user yoonvam, the Construct tokens serve as Korea-exclusive promotional cards for Magic’s upcoming set — The Brothers’ War.

Seung Hoon Na is well known in Korea for his illustrations in the popular webtoon 놓지마 정신줄, which translates in English as ‘Don’t Let Go Of The Mental Rope’, ‘Hanging On!’ and ‘Don’t Let Go Of Your Mind’. Since its debut in 2009, the webtoon has amassed 10 volumes with 1000 chapters, a 10-episode live action titled ‘Hanging On’, and been adapted into a series for Amazon Prime.

Regional promo cards are nothing new, but they tend to fetch high prices on the secondary market due to their limited availability. The China-exclusive Treasure token, printed for the Chinese New Year in 2018, became extremely sought after and continues to sell for hundreds of dollars on the secondary market even four years later.