Post Malone To Become The Star Of Upcoming MTG Secret Lair Drop

Magic’s most well-known Commander player to get his own Secret Lair drop

Post Malone in the ‘Saint-Tropez’ music video from his album, ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ (2019). Republic Records

Following the reveal of Universes Beyond: Final Fantasy and Assassin’s Creed, Wizards of the Coast (WotC)’s parent company, Hasbro, has announced an official Post Malone Secret Lair.

The announcement was made during Hasbro’s Investor Day 2022 presentation this morning, alongside the massive Universes Beyond reveal.

Post Malone has quickly become the celebrity face of Magic: The Gathering — known for his lavish spending sprees at local game stores across the country, the purchase of an extremely rare $800,000 card, and wild games of Commander with Magic’s most popular content creators. This past year, Post Malone has begun doing more promotional work with Magic, appearing in a commercial for Friday Night Magic (FNM) and hosting the Mana-Y-Mana Magic Battle.

The contents of the drop are still unknown at this time, however it’s possible that at least some of the cards will be pulled from Post’s Merieke Ri Berit Commander deck (seen below), which he played on his Game Knights debut.

Merieke Ri Berit
Post Malone
Test deck on 10-04-2022

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