Post Malone Details Spending Six-Figures On An Extremely Rare Magic: The Gathering Card

The celebrity face of MTG shares details on his most expensive cardboard purchase

Black Lotus, illustrated by Christopher Rush

Music superstar, Post Malone, is known for his passion for Magic: The Gathering and the wild expenditures that come along with it. Recently, he did an interview with Howard Stern where it was revealed that his single most expensive MTG purchase eclipsed $800,000.

According to Post Malone, that card was an artist print Black Lotus, signed by legendary illustrator Christopher Rush. While Post Malone did not elaborate further on this purchase, he is well known in the Los Angeles Magic community for his tremendous support of the local game stores in the area, as well as being a humble and down-to-earth guy who loves to play pickup games of Commander.

So what do you think of Post’s purchase? If you could buy any one Magic card, what would it be? Let us know in the comments.

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