Official Magic: The Gathering Cookbook Coming In November

Get ready to cook up something other than a deck

The Underworld Cookbook illustrated by Joe Slucher

Magic: The Gathering fans have been cooking up decks and combos since the game’s creation, but soon they will be able to create food (no token necessary) inspired from the game with an official Magic: The Gathering cookbook.

Magic: The Gathering: The Official Cookbook: Cuisines of the Multiverse will be released on November 28 and contains more than 70 recipes, from snacks to desserts (all using real-world ingredients, inspired by the characters, stories, and planes featured in Magic: The Gathering. The book features easy-to-follow recipes, full-color photography, and art from the game.

Victoria Rosenthal and Jenna Helland wrote the officially licensed book created in collaboration with Wizards of the Coast (WotC). Rosenthal started her blog Pixelated Provisions in 2012 as a combination of her love of cooking and games. She has written cookbooks for other games such as: Fallout, Destiny, Street Fighter, and Final Fantasy. Helland is a former principal game designer for WotC, having worked on the world-building team for many Magic: The Gathering sets. Helland has written a handful of novels, including: The August Five and Theros: Godsend.

Some of the recipes in the book are: Necromancer’s Pasta, “Eternal Feast” Roast, Deserted Isle Wrap, Teferi’s “Slow the Sunset,” Niv-Fizzit, and Ajani’s “Lost Kitty” Treats. The hardcover book has 232 pages and is published by Insight Editions.

The cook book is up for presale on Amazon for $39.99.