New Bonus Cards From Recent MTG Secret Lair Drops Include Snapcaster Mage And Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite

Check out the bonus cards from recent Secret Lair drops!

Chandra’s Ignition, illustrated by Justyna Dura

Six bonus cards from the recent Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair Spring Superdrop 2024 have been revealed.

Check out Elvish Mystic and sPitEfuL pRanNKstEr. Shared to the magicTCG subreddit, the image shows two bonus cards that were included with the recent Hatsune Miku and sAnS mERcy Secret Lair drops.

As many predicted, the Hatsune Miku drop was wildly popular and sold out quickly. While the sAnS mERcy drop was less popular, this may make the sPitEfuL pRanNKstEr bonus card a bit harder to find on the secondary market.

Another user posted that they got a Snapcaster Mage as the bonus card for the Hatsune Miku drop — this one featuring new anime art and a name of Encore Electromancer. It appears that the drop can have different bonus cards, but how many there are is unknown as of now.

Another post revealed a Fierce Empath that came with the Poker Faces drop, hinting at a potential run of Elves as the bonus cards similar to how Slivers were used previously.

Another person who got the Poker Face drop revealed this hilarious Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite as their bonus card. The iconic Praetor is wearing a cowboy hat in the only way Elesh Norn would.

This full-art Evolution Sage was opened from the Poker Faces Secret Lair.

The Spring Superdrop 2024 also included the Goblingram, Outlaw Anthologies Vol: 1 & 2, Poker Faces, and Showcase: Outlaws of Thunder Junction drops, so it’s likely that we’ll be seeing the secret bonus cards from these drops in the near future.