New Art From MTG’s Duskmourn Shows Kaito, New Character

Looks like Kaito could be a main character in upcoming MTG set

A new piece of art from Duskmourn: House of Horror, the final Standard-legal standalone Magic: The Gathering set scheduled to be released this year, was revealed on the MagicCon: Las Vegas website.

The art depicts Kaito, who appears to be the returning planeswalker for the set, and a new character searching for something inside a haunted mansion. Ghosts, spirits, and hands belonging to an unrevealed creature populate the image along with eyes leering from darkened stairwells and hallways. The giant, spider-like skeleton in the top of the art matches the first illustration Wizards of the Coast (WotC) used to tease the set.

The new character is holding some kind of energy-infused sword and a sci-fi device that feels straight out of a modern ghost hunting story.

The device looks similar to an artifact a character is holding in another piece of art that was used during the set’s official preview.

Duskmourn is a top-down modern horror set in the vein of 1970s-80s horror movies, where the whole world takes place inside a giant mansion. This set will use horror differently than Innistrad or Phyrexian-based sets.

Duskmourn: House of Horror is scheduled to release in Q3 of 2024.