March Of The Machine Story Reveals Elesh Norn’s Plan, Fate Of A Praetor, And Unknown Watchers On Dominaria

Get up to speed on the first two episodes of the March of the Machine story

Illustrated by Johan Grenier

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) published the first two episodes of the March of the Machine story today, filling us in with what the characters are up to following the conclusion of the Phyrexia: All Will Be One story.

Episode one shows us Elesh Norn’s inner circle, the compleated planeswalkers and Atraxa, while she doles out tasks to Ajani, Tamiyo, Lukka, Nahiri, and Atraxa. Tyvar, Kaya, and Kaito escape by planeswalking out of their imprisonment, though Elesh Norn knows they will and wants them to tell the others what awaits them. Before sending the compleated planeswalkers to their home planes to aid in the takeover of the multiverse, Elesh Norn has Ajani execute Sheoldred for her betrayal. Ajani carries out the execution with a swing of his axe, and Elesh Norn commands to have Sheoldred’s parts collected to serve Phyrexia in other ways.

We see that Nissa can control the Realmbreaker and is able to conjure images of the other planes with it. As Elesh Norn sends Ajani to Theros, Lukka to Ikoria, Nahiri to Zendikar, Tamiyo to Kamigawa, and Atraxa to New Capenna, Nissa simultaneously lets them look in on the plane before the Phyrexian invasions begin on each plane. In these views of the other planes, we see a god fighting off invaders by a temple on Theros, the Skyclaves of Zendikar, peaceful interactions on the streets of Kamigawa, and a golden gate in New Capenna.

After all the compleated planeswalkers depart for their home planes, it leaves Elesh Norn alongside Nissa. The episode concludes with Elesh Norn being haunted by her thoughts and visions of Elspeth.

Episode two takes us back to the planeswalkers on Dominaria, waiting to see how the mission to New Phyrexia went. Chandra, Wrenn and Seven, Liliana, and Vivien have been agonizing as they wait for word from the group that attempted to fight off the Phyrexians.

Kaito, Tyvar, and Kaya return and inform the others of the failings of the mission and the compleation of Nissa, Jace, and the others. Chandra wants to run headfirst into New Phyrexia in an attempt to save Nissa and end the war in fiery fashion. The others tell her they need to spread the word and prepare all the planes for the upcoming battles.

Chandra speaks with Wrenn and Seven and the two decide they can attempt to fight back. Wrenn even believes she can find Teferi, who could help them take on the Phyrexians. The episode ends with unknown watchers spectating the cabin the planeswalkers are using as a safehouse and the conversation between Chandra and Wrenn. It is unclear who the watchers are, but speculators on Reddit think it could be Eldrazi.

What do you think of the first two episodes of the March of the Machine story? How will Chandra and Wrenn fare in New Phyrexia? Who are the watchers? How will Elspeth return? Let us know what you think in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.