PSA 10 Gem Mint Alpha Black Lotus Sells For $540,000, Breaks Record For Highest Selling MTG Card

Auction eclipses previous amount of $511,100 for an Alpha Black Lotus

Black Lotus, illustrated by Christopher Rush

A PSA 10 Gem Mint Alpha Black Lotus sold for $540,000 and broke the record for highest selling Magic: The Gathering Card, breaking the record that a previous Black Lotus set in 2021.

The record-setting auction was held on PWCC Marketplace and completed yesterday, topping the previous Alpha Black Lotus by $28,900. This particular card is the crown jewel of any MTG collection, and even included a signed case by deceased illustrator Christopher Rush.

According to PWCC Marketplace, roughly 1,000 copies are believed to be printed, with only six getting a perfect 10 grading. The most iconic card from Magic always draws attention when they go up for auction. A signed artist proof version of Black Lotus recently made news when rapper Post Malone purchased it for $800,000.

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