Kaya Returns To Ravnica In First Episode Of Murders At Karlov Manor Story

Episode one of the Murders at Karlov Manor follows Kaya, Teysa, and a host of familiar Ravnicans

Vannifar, illustrated by Uriah Voth

Following the first look at Magic’s next Standard set – Murders at Karlov Manor – on MTG Weekly, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) released episode one of the set’s highly-anticipated story.

After triumphing over the Phyrexians, Kaya, one of the few planeswalkers to maintain their spark after the war, has finally returned to Ravnica. Despite her reservations, Kaya attends an extravagant gala, hosted by Teysa Karlov and the Orzhov Syndicate.

Having shed her usual attire in favor of a more elegant guild outfit, Kaya joins Teysa on a balcony high above the festivities. Despite Kaya having risked her life to defend the multiverse, Teysa scolds her for being absent from Ravnica during the chaos. Feeling guilty, Kaya agrees to be Teysa’s guest of honor for the evening.

Leaving the balcony, the pair descend to the party below. They move through circles filled with Ravnica’s elite, heading toward the center where the other guild leaders have gathered. Familiar faces like Tolsimir, Lavinia, Aurelia, and even Judith of the Cult of Rakdos mingles among the inner circle. Only the Dimir and Gruul guilds are absent.

After a brief meeting with the other leaders of Ravnica, Teysa pulls Kaya back toward the grand balcony where they meet up with the archon Ezrim, leader of the Ravnican Agency of Magicological Investigations. Teysa proceeds to give a formal welcome to the guests, and thanks Kaya for her services to humanity. Not one for the spotlight, Kaya accepts her praise and quickly relinquishes her position to Ezrim. The archon makes mention of a recent incident involving a god of the Gruul guild who broke loose and ravaged the Ninth District. Ezrim thanks the Investigations team, lead by Kellan, for bringing the rampage to an end.

Kellan, another hero not fond of the limelight, accepts his award and praise before slipping off into the crowd.

As festivities resume, Kaya slips away from Teysa briefly before Kellan approaches her, wishing to speak to her. Before the pair can talk, a commotion breaks out and the pair turn to see a Gruul representative being dragged away by security. The centaur shouts, demanding their detained god, Anzrag, be released, but is ignored and ultimately tossed out. Once more, Kaya uses the commotion as a chance to retreat to a quieter location – the balcony where she and Teysa had first met up.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Kaya relishes being alone for a brief moment before Teysa once again approaches. Before Kaya can explain herself, Teysa tells her they need to talk, now that they are truly alone. With important matters looming, Kaya prepares herself for whatever Teysa has to tell her, however a scream from inside the manor cuts off the pair’s conversation.

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