Double Masters 2022 Brings Back Mythic Rare Dragon, Fan-Favorite Command

Two iconic cards get new foil-etched treatment in latest MTG set

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC), check out a couple dragon-themed reprints coming in Double Masters 2022 — Hellkite Overlord and Kolaghan’s Command!

Originally printed in Shards of Alara, Hellkite Overlord is back and will also show up with a foil-etched version. This Jund Dragon was only reprinted in From the Vault: Dragons and The List before now, so grab the special foil-etched version while you can.

Kolaghan’s Command has turned into a Modern staple over the years after its debut in Dragons of Tarkir, now it returns with a foil-etched version and a new-art borderless variant.

A classic two-for-one fits perfectly in Double Masters 2022, maybe you can even return Hellkite Overlord to your hand in a game of limited.

Double Masters 2022 is scheduled to release on July 8. View our official preview gallery.