A Sweeper Spell That’ll Make You Rich And A Legendary Human Boar — Check Out All Of The Previews From Friday, May 20

Bank a ton of Treasure with a new mythic rare, plus tons of other previews you won’t want to miss!

Dragon Cultist, illustrated by Cristi Balanescu

Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate preview season is underway! Below you’ll find each card previewed from Friday, May 20.

Mythic Rares

Blood Money – Source

Destroy all creatures. For each nontoken creature destroyed this way, create a tapped Treasure token.


Decent into Avernus – Source | Raggadragga, Goreguts Boss – Source

At the beginning of your upkeep, put two descent counters on Descent into Avernus. Then, each player creates X Treasure tokens and Descent into Avernus deals X damage to them, where X is the number of descent counters on Descent into Avernus.

Mirror of Life Trapping – Source | Bane, Lord of Darkness – Source

Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, if it was cast, exile it, then return all other permanent cards exiled with Mirror of Life Trapping to the battlefield under their owners’ control.

As long as your life total is less than or equal to half your starting life total, Bane, Lord of Darkness has indestructible.

Whenever another nontoken creature you control dies, target opponent may have you draw a card. If they don’t, you may put a creature card with equal or lesser toughness from your hand onto the battlefield.

Jaheira, Friend of the Forest – Source | Wyll, Blade of the Frontiers – Source

Tokens you control have “T: Add G.”

Choose a background.

Lae’zel’s Acrobatics – Source | Archivist of Ohgma – Source


Whenever an opponent searches their library, you gain 1 life and draw a card.

Council of the Four – Source


Agent of the Iron Throne – Source | Cadira, Caller of the Small – Source

Treasure Keeper – Source | Thrakkus, the Butcher – Source

Minthara, Ruthless Soul – Source | Veteran Soldier – Source

Dragon Cultist – Source | Amber Gristle O’Maul – Source

Kagha, Shadow Archdruid – Source | Great Axe – Source

Gut, True Soul Zealot – Source

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Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate is scheduled to release on June 10. View our official preview gallery.