A Planeswalker’s Demise And The Future Of Our Heroes Uncovered In Dominaria United’s Final Chapter

Learn the fates of Teferi, Ajani, Karn, and Jaya in Dominaria United’s final chapter.

The chapter begins with a brief exchange between Karn and Teferi – analyzing a captured Phyrexian. The pair don’t have long to inspect the beast however, as the Phyrexian army launches a full-on war against the Mana Rig.

As Jhoira’s cannons blast away at the Phyrexian dreadnoughts, Karn and Teferi confront the army on the ground. Above them, the compleated Weatherlight engages with the plane’s Dragons, but not before dropping a new threat onto the battlefield — a compleated Ertai.

The fallen Wizard engages Karn, using his powerful spells to cripple the planeswalker. Before Karn meets his demise, the Golden Argosy enters the fray, bringing in new allies to the battle, including Ajani, who catches Ertai off guard. With a swing of his axe, Ajani sends the Phyrexian over the side of the rig.

As the Argosy docks, Jaya and her troops engage the Phyrexians. Burning a path to Karn, Jaya is instructed to go to the workshop and gather the Sylex. By this point, Sheoldred has emerged, and begun her own assault on the Mana Rig in search of the Sylex. Karn’s plan to lure her out had worked, however down in the workshop, Jaya had been unable to planeswalk away with the Sylex, as it was coated in a titanium alloy too heavy for her to easily lift.

As Jaya finally emerges from the workshop, Karn removes the alloy from the Sylex and opens its protective case. Before Jaya can planeswalk away, Ajani reveals himself to be a Phyrexian sleeper agent – another compleated planeswalker.

The compleated Ajani then rushed toward Jaya, who attempted to turn and flee, but was too slow. Ajani’s axe met her back, knocking her down. Karn and Teferi attempted to stop the beast, but Ajani was too powerful. With little effort, Ajani pushed through them and grabbed Jaya and the Sylex. Attempting to take him down with her, Jaya burst herself into flame, melting Ajani’s flesh and exposing his mechanical innards. Ajani responded by collecting the Sylex with one hand and effortlessly tossing Jaya over the side of the rig with the other. Teferi and Karn could only watch in horror as their friend plummeted to her death and Ajani crushed the Sylex.

Recognizing their defeat, Jhoira shouted desperately for Jodah to portal them, along with the troops, out. Sheoldred had approached the incapacitated Karn, taunting him. She informed him that despite her initial plan not going the way she expected, he had enabled her to form a new plan – “A plan for you—and for Dominaria. For all the planes.”

Before she could elaborate, Jhoira initiated the Mana Rig’s self-destruct mechanism, and not long after the blast engulfs Karn, Ajani, and Sheoldred.

Teferi, Jhoira, and the other survivors regrouped far from the battle, erecting a monument for the fallen planeswalker. After a few parting words, Teferi then left with Saheeli through the portcullis and emerging at Urza’s Tower. Despite losing the physical Sylex, Jaya had hidden away Karn’s drawings of the artifact, which Saheeli was able to use to create a replica. With Saheeli’s help, Teferi would be able to travel back in time and uncover the secrets of the Sylex and how they could activate it against the Phyrexians.

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