AuthorWilliam Cavaglieri

William Cavaglieri is a Level 5 Pro Player from Italy, with multiple Top 8 finishes at National and Grand Prix level. He is an expert deckbuilder, and the creator of the popular Red/Black Torrent of Souls deck.

Feature Article – Thopter Foundry in Extended, Emeria Angel in Standard

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Monday, January 11th – At Worlds, William Cavaglieri rocked Extended to a 6-0 finish with Thopter Foundry / Sword of the Meek combo. Today, he shares his list, thoughts on the deck, and its place in the current metagame. He also brings us his Mono White Standard deck of choice… [Editor’s Note: Patrick Chapin’s article will be here tomorrow!]

Feature Article – Mono-White at Worlds *Top 8*

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Wednesday, December 2nd – After a mediocre Magical year by his own admission, William Cavaglieri rocked up to Worlds with an exciting Mono White deck and proceeded to smash face. When the dust cleared, he was in the Top 8! Today, he shares a few stories regarding the creation of the deck, some Worlds Standard match recaps, and his sideboarding plans against the format’s powerhouse decks.

Feature Article – Grixis Control for Standard

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Friday, April 17th – In his first article for StarCityGames.com, Level 5 Italian Pro William Cavaglieri brings us a fresh deck for Standard battle: Grixis Control. William, the creator of the innovative Red/Black Torrent of Souls deck for the last Nationals season, is having great success with his new creation. He shares the list and sideboard plans, and adds a few helpful tips for those of us who are looking to reach the next level…