AuthorWhat We'd Play

The SCG Series that asks players what they'd take to an upcoming big event.

The Best Modern Decks For SCG Dallas!

Join our talented staff and weigh in on the best Modern deck to use to take down SCG Dallas this weekend! Did any of our writers choose the deck you’d play? Don’t forget to vote!

Guilds Of Ravnica Standard: Week 2!

The SCG Tour is taking a breather this weekend, but there are tons of events around the world! If you need a place to get your footing on the new Standard season, our writers have some recommendations for you!

Guilds Of Ravnica At SCG Columbus!

If our staff is to be believed, this is going to be one diverse Standard meta! Everyone is on insanely different strategies for SCG Columbus, and well…you’ll just have to see these decks to believe them!

Our SCG Baltimore Legacy Choices!

Everyone’s favorite deck selection feature is back, and we have got a diverse roster today! Join tons of SCG personalities as they prepare the Legacy decks of their choosing to take down the Legacy Open in Baltimore!

Modern At SCG Syracuse

We’ve asked a handful of reputable Modern mages what they’d be taking to battle at SCG Syracuse this weekend! Vote on the deck you’d take!