AuthorUri Peleg

Israel's Uri Peleg is the 2007 Magic World Champion.

Feature Article – Combo Elves in Standard

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Friday, May 15th – In 2007, Uri Peleg and his Doran-led army took down Patrick Chapin in the final match of the World Championships. With Standard on everyone’s mind, the ex World Champion brings us an intriguing deck that attacks the format on an under-utilized front. Everyone knows that Combo Elves kicks butt in Extended… Can it do the same at Regionals?

Feature Article – Winning Worlds, Part 3

Read Uri Peleg's Worlds report... only at StarCityGames.com!
Uri Peleg, World Champion 2007, rounds out his entertaining tournament report in style! He brings us five rounds of top-drawer Legacy action, followed by a run-through of the Top 8 from a guy who admits he was just stoked to be there. Congratulations again, Uri… here’s hoping 2008 is a successful year too!

Feature Article – Winning Worlds, Part 2

Read Uri Peleg's Worlds report... only at StarCityGames.com!
On Monday, World Champion Uri Peleg brought us a rundown of his Standard play at Worlds 2007 in New York. Today, he moves onto his two Lorwyn drafts… wanna see how the World Champion chooses his cards for his Limited decks? Look no further!

Feature Article – Winning Worlds, Part 1

Read Uri Peleg's Worlds report... only at StarCityGames.com!
While a fine Magic player in his own right, it’s safe to say that Uri Peleg was hardly a pre-tournament favorite going into the 2007 World Championships. However, after three days of intense competition, the Israeli national team member came away with the glittering trophy and the oversized check. In the first part of his entertaining winner’s report, he describes his preparation before leading us through five rounds of Doran-fueled Standard…

The Hidden Gems Of Kamigawa Drafts

One of the first things I asked myself before Kamigawa came onto the scene was what lessons I could take with me from all my Mirrodin block drafting. My key to being successful in Mirrodin drafts (and I was – my rating moved between 1900 and 1950 throughout the last two months of Mirrodin) lay in a small number of underrated cards. So when I approached Kamigawa block, my first question was – what are the new hidden gems in Kamigawa?

Prerelease Report Of The Stars – Odyssey Prerelease

Two and a half weeks ago, I received an email which contained the location, date and starting time of the Odyssey prerelease. “There will be an Odyssey prerelease at the 22.9.01, Uri” , the email said to me. “The cost will be… 85 NIS (20$)!” (pause for applause) “The location… Matnas Shenkin, Tel-Aviv, Israel!” (pause…

How I Saved The Okk

Let me say that there is absolutely zero relevant IBC or Type 2 or Draft knowledge that can be gleaned from the story of . It is written merely because, well — someone has to know. I won’t let ’s death go unsung, and the only other way to ensure this (except by writing this…

Intentional Draws And Unintentionally Silly Drafts

Invasion block draft has really been getting on my nerves lately. It seems as if in every draft I’m in I end up playing, at the very least, three colours. More often than not, it’s four or five. It’s not that the decks aren’t good or that I keep getting manascrewed, because they’re usually okay…