AuthorTony Costa

Tony is one of the most amusing multiplayer writers around, focusing in on spectacular wins and budget decks. He has not attended an official tournament in nine years, and as such asks you to play nice.

Confessions Of A Suicide Addict

Black is in all things. Don’t believe me? Then take some food – anything not impregnated with preservatives (no Twinkies!), and let it sit out somewhere. Eventually, it will turn black (and around here, it would be due to ants). Still don’t believe me? Then apply fire. Black is within.

Breaking Phage

Too often I would be dealt lethal damage before I could”go off”. The card that finally made the deck work was Phage the Untouchable. No other card in the game has the power to end a game in one turn so reliably, and in so very many ways.

Fun With Old Cards #10: Archimedes’ Euphoria, Unleashed!

But wait! You’ve spent around $100 here at StarCity for four Eurekas only to build a deck you will play with only once? Folks, this is where the concept of”deck evolution” comes into play. You need to play your Eurekas. If you own four like I do (and I got them all when I lived in Eureka! How’s that for style points?), you want to use them as often as possible. So here’s three Eureka-based multiplayer decks that may get you banned from your playgroup.

Fun With Old Cards #9: A Delayed Valentine’s Day Deck

One day I noticed there were quite a number of cards that benefit all players when played. So, I thought, what if I were to build a deck that wasn’t necessarily concerned with winning per se, but that would allow me to help any players I wanted to, and that could be instrumental in deciding who would win? Well, I built it and it works. And isn’t Valentine’s Day all about gift-giving?

Fun With Old Cards #8: If They See It Coming, Is It Still A Sneak Attack?

Before I detail how to play this deck, I should warn you that what you are about to witness is graphic, violent, and could inspire foul language. This deck utilizes two cards that my personal playgroups frown upon and draw instant retaliation the second I put them into play: Pandemonium, and Sneak Attack. They all gun for me, but to quote Jaya Ballard, Task Mage:”You know what? They’re dead.”

Fun With Old Cards #7: Defying Gravity’s Sphere

The heart of the deck, Gravity Sphere, is one of those cards that bring out the rules lawyer in everyone – especially when I get the creature combos going and destroy everything else around! Plus, I answer mail from my fans.

Fun With Old Cards #6: Flashing Back to Khabal Therapy

The basis behind this entire deck lies in one sentence found in the text box of four of the deck’s creatures:”At the end of each turn, put a (+1/+1, regeneration or other) counter on (creature)”. What this means is that the creature in question doesn’t have to be in play at the time a creature goes to the graveyard in order to get a counter – hence, Wrath of God and Living Death can be followed up by a freshly-cast Ghoul and it will still get the counters!

Fun With Old Cards #4: Grrr… I WANT TO KILL SOMETHING!

I’m not gonna be subtle today. I was gonna hold back on this one, saving it for when I really wanted to get even with an aggressive multiplayer group – but to heck with it. I’m gonna share it with you. Warn ’em, my conscience tells me. Warn these people about my deck…

Fun With Old Cards: Breaking Freyalise’s Wind

A word of caution: Playing this deck will require the use of very large numbers of counters, both for your creatures and for all tapped permanents. People will hate it, unless you provide something like peanut M&M’s. Or quarters. People really like quarters.

The Geezer’s View: More Fun With Old Cards

My friend’s girlfriend had a little three-year-old son with a small Nerf basketball set in the living room. I wanted to play around with him and teach him how to dunk, but he wouldn’t let me touch the ball – all he would say is,”MY ball!” Undeterred, I set out to create a multiplayer deck that would grab everything. All the time. “MY creatures!” Also, a variant Oath deck for Extended.

The Geezer’s View: This Is The Game That Never Ends…

Part Extended strategy, part multiplayer, all fun – where’s an editor to put this? Well, since he goes into some detail on his current Extended Miracle Gro build and the matchups, it might as well go here – but hey, you wanna also hear about a multiplayer deck that wins by endlessly recursing Shahrazad? Now THAT’S funny.