AuthorThea Steele

Thea Steele is StarCityGames.com's residential cube drafter. Read her articles to understand the depths of cube drafting, Winston drafting, and more!

Darksteele Cube – Four Cube Myths

Monday, February 21 – Thea Steele dispels four common myths about cube drafting and design. Read about the format that lets you draft all your favorite cards from Magic!

Darksteele Cube – MoJhoSto Cube!

Monday, February 14th – The craziness of Magic Online’s MoJhoSto casual format is too good not to try in real life, with random creatures, equipments, and spells – so of course Thea tries to make it happen with physical cards!

Darksteele Cube – Video Cube Draft

Monday, January 17th – Watch Thea Steele go through an entire Cube Draft using Tapped Out and Magic Online! She makes the picks and plays the games out – witness cubing in all its glory.

Darksteele Cube – Testing

Monday, January 10th – Thea Steele has five ways to test new cards for the cube in any situation and lists their pros and cons! Make sure your cube is perfect for you and your playgroup.

Darksteele Cube – DIY Cubing on Magic Online

Monday, December 13th – If you’ve ever wanted to cube online with your friends, there is a way… Thea Steele provides some step-by-step instructions on how to build a cube on Magic Online, draft, and play out games!

Darksteele Cube – Cubemander

Monday, December 6th – Now that Wizards has shown its support for Commander, if they were to do that for Cube, how should they do it? What would the players want?

Darksteele Cube – Art Fight: Green

Monday, November 15th – Welcome to Art Fight: Part Green, where I compare the available versions of the green cards in the cube. Which versions of popular cube cards should you be running in your cubes?

Dark Steele – Making Changes

Monday, November 8th – As your understanding evolves, and you begin to think of the cube as a set, other reasons for making changes become more prominent. Have I mentioned that I love lists?