AuthorTerry Soh

Terry placed 7th at GP Hong Kong, 2nd at GP Singapore, 6th at Worlds 2004, 3rd at Pro Tour Nagoya and won the 2005 Magic Invitational. He also made the Top 8 at Worlds 2009.

Modern At Worlds: Goodbye To The Gravy Train

Looking into 2012, the Pro Tour will definitely be a lot different. Terry Soh takes the time to reflect on past World Championships and on how he’s grown with the Pro Tour. He also talks about his Modern deck, which he used to take 45th.

3 Pillars Of Standard

What three cards are the pillars of Standard right now? What two decks should you be running to beat Wolf Run? Terry Soh has such answers for you and more, in time for the Las Vegas Open tomorrow.

Snake Blade And Hall Of Fame Selection

Terry Soh is inspired by his brother Joe’s brew, a U/G deck that uses fast mana and powerful endgame to overtake Caw-Blade. With the power of Dismember, U/G has everything it needs to out tempo opponents.

How To Win With Tempered Steel

Terry Soh has made multiple GP and Pro Tour Top 8s in his career, and he thinks Tempered Steel is not getting the respect it deserves in the format! See what version of Steel he finds optimal.

The Thin Line Between Winning And Losing

Monday, December 27th – Three mistakes. If Terry had made three fewer mistakes, he would have made the Top 8 at Worlds. So he analyzes those errors to show you how to improve your game…

Making the Right Call

Monday, October 4th – How do we gain marginal utility when building and choosing our decks, sideboarding, and mulliganing? Terry Soh goes over these fundamental principles in his latest feature article!

Feature Article – A New Solar Flare for Standard

StarCityGames.com 10K Open - Los Angeles

Wednesday, December 23rd – With Standard currently lacking proven Control options, Terry Soh brings us an exciting strategy based on an old favorite: Solar Flare. The deck has a proven track record in a $5000 Standard Open tournament, but will it cut it against the existing metagame powerhouses? Read on to find out!

Feature Article – Homebrew Naya Aggro in Standard

SCG 10k St. Louis Offers First Chances to Qualify for the 2010 StarCityGames.com Invitational!
Tuesday, December 8th – While Andre Coimbra grabbed the game’s attention at Worlds with Naya Lightsaber, Terry Soh managed a fine Top 8 finish with a Naya deck that was a little offbeat in its angles of attack. Today, Terry shares his thoughts on the deck, card choices, and sideboarding plans, in perfect time for this weekend’s SCG 10K St. Louis.

The U/G/R Gambit Part 2: The Saga Continues

Terry is offically in love with the Red/Blue/Green draft strategy in Ravnica Block… so much so that he’s not played a sanctioned Limited match without forcing everyone’s favorite archetype. Today, he runs through some sample drafts – those he faced while making his most recent Grand Prix Top 8 – and mentions some interesting cards that have raised or lowered in value.

The Magic Invitational: The Tale of Last Place

If you’re looking for Ravnica Block Limited or Constructed strategy, then scroll up to Quentin’s article or check our extensive back catalog. If, however, you’d prefer a piece that’s light on the tech but heavy on the good times, then Terry Soh’s Invitational report is the article for you!

Flying High at Pro Tour Prague: The U/G/R Gambit *11th*

RGD Lessons from Pro Tour: Prague!

Terry came close. Very close. Going into his last pod, he needed a result of 1-1-1 or better to slide into the Top 8. Sadly, the wheels fell off his wagon… Even so, he believes he’s cracked the RGD draft format, and he’s positive there’s only one archetype worth drafting if you’re serious about success. He drafted the same colors in every single pod at the Pro Tour… can it work for you?

Behind the Scenes of Rakdos Augermage

Terry Soh’s Invitational card, Rakdos Augermage, has recently been revealed on MagictheGathering.com. Previous Invitational cards have sometimes been stellar – take Meddling Mage, for example – while others have been received with a little less enthusiasm. So, what does Terry himself think of the R&D spin on his creation? What strategic impications does it have on the upcoming Standard? And just how did Terry come up with his original submission? The answers are a simple click away…

Expectations for Standard

Terry Soh breaks down the current Standard metagame into easy-to-digest chunks, dealing with all the top archetyps at once. He outlines the strengths and weaknesses of the current contenders, and provides some interesting sideboarding options. Couple this with preliminary thoughts on the Team Standard format, and you have a strong article for beginners and experts alike!

Drafting Blue in RRG

Terry entered Grand Prix Manila with a clear gameplan in mind. Beguiled by the power of the Blue cards, he drafted the color exclusively. In today’s article, he outlines his strategies for a number of Blue-based color combinations, and brings us tips and tricks for success when drafting RRG.