AuthorPhilipp Schonegger

Philipp is a Magic player from Austria who loves playing Legacy and traveling the world. He made Top 8 at Grand Prix Paris and Grand Prix New Jersey playing Miracles, which soon became his trademark. When he can neither play tournaments nor travel the globe he prefers to write about Magic.

Miracles Primer: Part 3

Phillip, the Miracle Man of European Magic, takes you through more crucial analysis for this very difficult to pilot Legacy deck! He’s told you how to beat Delver, he’s told you how to beat the mirror. Now find out how to beat everything else before #SCGDC!

Miracles Primer: Part 2

Grand Prix Top 8 competitor Philipp Schonegger returns to complete his crazy good advice on playing Miracles in Legacy! What cards matter against the mirror? When do you concede? Can you beat a Turn 2 Show and Tell?

The Miracles Primer: Part 1

One of Europe’s biggest names in working Miracles joins SCG to tell you about Legacy’s most important control archetype! If you’re playing with (or against…) Miracles at #SCGNY, let Philipp prepare you!