AuthorPack 1, Pick 1

Pack 1, Pick 1 puts SCG authors against each other in a drafting competition where you choose the winner!

Ravnica Allegiance Draft Drills!

Quick! You’re suddenly in the Draft queues for Magic’s newest expansion and you have to make some first picks! Consult our panel of SCG Limited specialists to get ahead of the format before the Prerelease!

Pack 1, Pick 1: Second Look At Dominaria

Now that Dominaria is in players’ hands, it’s time for another round of Pack 1, Pick 1! See what Ari Lax, Sam Black, and Jadine Klomparens had to say about these five packs and vote for who picked it best!

Pack 1, Pick 1: Descending On Dominaria

With the Prerelease on the horizon, Dominaria drafts can’t be far behind! Ari Lax, Sam Black, and Ryan Saxe give their Pack 1, Pick 1 rankings for five sample Dominaria packs. Vote for the winner each round!

Pack 1, Pick 1: Post-Pro Tour Edition!

With Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan in the books, what have we learned about the Draft format? Matthias Hunt, Ryan Saxe, and Ari Lax take on five Pack 1, Pick 1 challenges. See their selections and vote for the winner at the end!

Pack 1, Pick 1: Amonkhet!

It’s an Amonkhet draft-off where four Premium writers make their picks…and you pick the winner! See how Sam Black, Cedric Phillips, Todd Stevens, and Conley Woods would start these five Amonkhet drafts and get ready for GP Richmond next weekend!

Pack 1, Pick 1: Modern Masters 2017

It’s a draft-off, and you’re picking the cards…and the winner! Tom “The Boss” Ross, Ari Lax, Ross Merriam, and Shaun McLaren have opened up identical packs of Modern Masters 2017! Who chose it best? Who is destined for a 3-0…and who is bound for a trainwreck?