AuthorNick Spagnolo

Nick Spagnolo is a dedicated StarCityGames.com grinder who reached level 8 and was the first person to win a Standard, Legacy, and Draft Open. After playing on a handful of Pro Tours, he moved to Roanoke, Virginia to work in the SCG Acquisitions Department. Most recently, he made the finals of the first 2012 SCG Invitational.

Buggin’ Out

SCG Invitational finalist Nick Spagnolo returns to writing with an article about BUG Control in his new Legacy column. See if you should consider playing it at the SCG Legacy Open in Providence this weekend.

Building The Engine

Find out how Nick Spagnolo built the Grand Architect deck that Brad Nelson piloted to the finals of GP Minneapolis and with which Lewis Laskin made the Top 4 of the SCG Standard Open in Orlando. Try it this weekend in Nashville!

Invitational In Baltimore *2nd*

Nick Spagnolo made the finals of the SCG Invitational in Baltimore with Delver Humans in Standard and BUG Control in Legacy. Read his tournament report to prepare for both formats at this weekend’s SCG Open Series: Des Moines.