AuthorNathan Waxer

Nathan has been cleaning up the PTQ circuit earning invitations to Nationals and 4 Pro Tours over the past two years. He recently found success at Pro Tour: Charleston, finishing 15th place.

Coldsnap Blue and Green Draft Pick Orders

In the second article by a new Feature Writer today, we bring you Nathan Waxer’s take on the Coldsnap pick orders. He concentrates today on the Blue and Green cards, and has some surprising values and views on certain cards. Pick orders are, of course, a matter of opinion… and these two articles will surely fire up the forums with hearty debate.

So You’re Making A Last-Minute Trip To Nationals!

If you plan on playing in all of the grinders, then you need to expect to pay about $20 for the Sealed and about half that for the Constructed matches. All in all, you’re looking at roughly a hundred big ones, plus whatever you need to spend on food. Don’t forget to mention hotel accommodations, parking fees, and gas money. Some people even need to get transportation to and from the airport as well as pay for a plane ticket. One thing I can suggest, though, is to do your homework on how to save money….