AuthorMike Mason

Having returned to the ranks of Magic players, Mike Mason is rediscovering the game through the eyes of a newcomer. A long-time Featured Writer known for delving into the philosophy behind Magic, he shares his experiences both in and out of the game.

Peace of Mind: The Questions

Zvi Mowshowitz once asked ten questions that every deck had to answer. Mike revamps those questions for Invasion Block, and goes Zvi one better.

Peace of Mind: Losing Time

Too many things in life are left undone. Do them. Untried. Try them. Unsaid. Say them. You will complete the walk across the room.

Peace of Mind: Indian Summer

Necropotence created the Black Summer; this deck is a Necro-like deck, coming after the real Necro has gone away. Arena and Spiritmonger’ll do that, all right.

Peace of Mind: Happy New Year

Farewell, 6th Edition. Good riddance. But what does 7th have to offer in the way of”Damn!”s,”Whoo-hoo!”s,”Hmmm…”s and”Shrug”s?

Peace of Mind – Paranoia

I create”God deck,” which has amazing success. Then Wizards comes along and rotates all of it out. Was Fires THAT weak, Wizards?

Peace of Mind: Distortion

The fog creeps in on little cat feet. The world feels gray. I’ve just discovered some IBC tech, and now I’m not sure if I wanna talk about it…