AuthorMike Lanigan

Mike started playing Magic during Onslaught Block. Since then he has placed in the Top 8 at a handful of moderately sized events. Mike enjoys the many formats Magic has to offer and has an enthusiasm for the game that is contagious.

Dear Azami – Updating Edric

Mike Lanigan takes another stab at Dear Azami with his take on a reader’s Edric, Spymaster of Trest Commander deck. If you like Mike’s work and want him to write more, show your support in the comments!

Dear Azami – Merciless Control

This week a new writer gives Dear Azami a spin in Sean McKeown’s absence. Check out how Mike Lanigan improves a Kaervek the Merciless Commander deck by making fifteen card changes.

A Peasant’s 9-Land Green

A long time ago in a far-away metagame, there was an underplayed deck that relied on an obscenely low number of lands. This deck was amazingly fast and not many decks could keep up with its speed. This deck was called 9-land green, or Stompy, or one of any number of other names. Anyone that has played a very aggressive deck can tell you that the adrenaline rush you get from flooding the board with creatures and quickly disposing of your opponent is a great and wonderful thing… And you can do it for cheap.