AuthorMichael Martin

Michael Martin is a competitive Magic player from Northern Virginia who enjoys all Magic formats. Four kids and a wife don't combo with constant travel, but he makes the most of the tournaments he does attend, winning Regionals, placing near the top of Open Series events, and making day 2 of Grand Prix.

Standard Fun with Khans

A new set and rotation have Michael Martin brewing harder than Milwaukee! From a Jeskai Tempo tweak to the wildest five-color legendary-Planeswalker deck this side of the Mississippi River, Michael’s sure to get you inspired ahead of #SCGStates!

Ascending Into Standard

Michael Martin throws his hat into the Jeskai craze! Then he shows off a few other brews, both combo and tribal, and previews a few cards that not enough folks are talking about going into #SCGNJ and #SCGINDY!

Time To Move On!

Michael Martin has the jump on Khans Standard! He uses deduction based on current mana available to decide the most explosive color combinations! See which wedge has him excited for spoiler season!

Taking A Closer Look At Jund Planeswalkers

The biggest archetype to come onto the scene after the Pro Tour was Jund Planeswalkers after it put two players into the Top 8! See the sweet tweaks Michael Martin is making to this new Standard powerhouse!

A Trip Down Brewer’s Lane

Michael Martin is back in the wake of last week’s great article to bring you even more great new deck ideas to work with for #SCGDAL! Whether you want Standard or Modern, Michael has you covered!

Everyone Wants To See The Finished House

Michael Martin is thinking way outside the box! He argues that too many brews are thrown out too soon. Check out his innovative ideas for Standard and Modern and let it inspire you to be more creative in deckbuilding!

Thank You—No, Seriously

Michael Martin explains why he’s stepping away from Magic at the moment and thanks his loyal readers for following his writing throughout the years.