AuthorMichael Jay LaRue

Michael is an engineer who has been playing Magic, mostly multi-player and sealed deck, since Urza's Saga. He started his Magic writing on a mission to raise the level of awareness of artistic matters pertinent to the game. Based on the assumption that art can be objectively evaluated by 'the rules of art,' Michael's articles are presented as formal art critiques.. As an artist himself, with an interest in both traditional and computer animation, Michael continues to take art classes, and maintains a respectable drawing portfolio and computer animation demo reel.

Magic Art Matters: Moonlighting As An Artist

Thirty three years ago this Saturday, on July 20th 1969, three brave adventurers from a different era brought to a conclusion a fantastic voyage of epic proportions. Today, I’ll talk about Magic art that centers on the object of their journey.

How I Became Friends With A Dragon Legend

For This Report, and/or, Who To Blame (if it comes down to that) I am submitting this article for three reasons which are: [1] I had a great time at the Planeshift Prerelease and wanted to share, [2] I was inspired by this article by Jason Dooley at http://www.7towers.net/articles/012501Dooley.htm, who admonishes us to record our…