AuthorMax Tietze

Max Tietze has been playing Magic since the release of Urza's Destiny. His accomplishments include four Grand Prix Top 8s, six PTQ wins and success on the Star City circuit, including an Invitational win. Some know him as the Goblin King due to his affinity for the Ringleader and his crew.

Smashing Face At TOGIT: JSS Report, 1st Place

Being the lazy person that I am, and since I was playing the exact same deck that Cash won States with, I just handed in a copy of his decklist, which I had printed out from StarCity the night before.
My apologies to all people whose names I forgot, but all I have to work with here is my scoresheet. I didn’t take notes since I was only writing a report if I won – and I didn’t plan on winning after the outcome of the first match.