AuthorMatt Sperling

Matt Sperling is on a tear, finishing 15th in San Juan, 19th in Amsterdam, and 22nd at Worlds in Chiba. Known in the community for his passionate examinations of various topics, he's also a Level 5 Pro and expert deckbuilder in Vintage and Legacy.

Save That Removal Spell!

Tuesday, March 1 – Matt Sperling delineates one of the most important skills in Limited Magic: when to cast that removal spell, especially in Mirrodin Besieged Draft.

Vintage: TPS and Steel Sabotage

Wednesday, February 16 – Matt Sperling spent his time in Paris productively, playing in two twenty-player Vintage tournaments with a TPS deck, winning one. Check out why Matt recommends this deck when trying to win your next Mox!

Right Answer, Wrong Question

Monday, January 24th – Magic is all about asking the right questions, not necessarily having answers. Matt Sperling explains how testing on Magic Online led him astray for GP Atlanta. Bonus Section: Teferi fan fiction!

A Game of Inches, Worlds Report *22nd*

Monday, December 13th – Matt Sperling made a smart metagame decision for Worlds and played an Extended deck no one was expecting – Red Deck Wins. He was inches away from Top 8 and thousands of dollars, the biggest match of his life…

The Rules of Magic Friendship

Tuesday, November 9th – The following rulebook is a guide to developing and maintaining lasting friendships in the Magic: The Gathering professional or aspiring professional communities. Ride shotgun with Matt Sperling, as he lays down the law.

Battle Royale Report – #1 Threat: Bears

Friday, November 5th – Today I’m going to recount the horror and occasional splendor of the StarCityGames.com Battle Royale. The format was Budget Standard; the four participants in the challenge were me, Todd Anderson, Gavin Verhey, and Max McCall.

Planeswalkers: Stop Printing Them

Tuesday, October 19th – Overall, as currently designed, I think Magic would be better off if no more planeswalkers were ever printed except for the occasional block featuring them.

Five All-Original, Mono-Color Standard Decks

Wednesday, October 6th – LSV once got Devon to 4 life and also gave him 9 poison counters; someone joked that he was going for the “double up.” Why stop there? Why not use a Sign in Blood to kill via decking and damage with nine poison?

Scars of Mirrodin: Eternal Set Review

Tuesday, September 28th – “Unless you’re an Affinity player, there’s not much need to hang onto your Mox Opals.” See why the numbers aren’t in favor of Mox Opal and how to play Assault Strobe, Kuldotha Forgemaster, or Liquimetal Coating in Legacy.

Sun Titan Oath

Tuesday, September 7th – When I thought of Sun Titan as the only creature in an Oath deck, I knew it would be worth trying. I think this is the best Oath deck I’ve seen in current Vintage.