AuthorMatt Higgs

Louisville native Matt Higgs has loved designing innovative, unique, and synergy-driven decks that put untapped cards in the limelight since embarking on his Magic career in 2006. He has experienced both fulfilling successes and crippling failures that come from building decks from scratch and putting them to test, and he's loved them both. A lifelong writer, Matt has contributed to SCG every single week since November 2012.


Ixalan’s most-hyped tribal themes didn’t win at SCG Dallas, but that’s not stopping Matt Higgs! Get his takes on W/B Vampires and Growing Rites of Itlimoc for new Standard!

Ship It! Brewing With Ixalan’s Vehicles

Matt Higgs was pleasantly surprised to see Vehicles return so soon after Kaladesh block! Today he explores the possibilities of Ixalan’s ships, From Conqueror’s Galleon to Shadowed Caravel!

Freshwater Brewing

Of the four tribes in Ixalan, Matt Higgs is most intrigued by Merfolk! Enjoy his eccentric explorations, from mono-blue to G/B and even G/R configurations, ahead of SCG Dallas!

When Three Tribes Go To War

Ixalan’s full of tribal goodies for Merfolk, Pirates, Vampires, and Dinosaurs, but that’s not exotic enough for Matt Higgs. He’s brewing decks around Aetherborn, Jackals, and Artificers!

First Swings At Jace

Any time Jace shows up during preview season, that means heads are turning and brains are brewing! Matt Higgs puts together a few new ways to use and abuse the Cunning Castaway, himself!

The Brewer’s (Wildfire) Eternal Flame

A solar eclipse inspired perpetual brewer Matt Higgs to build a Standard deck around Hazoret’s Undying Fury and Wildfire Eternal! But things took a left turn on the way from Kentucky to Grand Prix Washington DC…

Making Appeal To Authority Appealing

Brewmaster Matt Higgs returns to Standard with a spicy aftermath-themed G/W build! Is this the day he finally adds more of a signature spell to a deck rather than taking it away? Get a glimpse of his thoughts ahead of Grand Prix Washington DC!

The Process Of Brewing Prowess

Indefatigable brewer Matt Higgs is bored with Ramunap Red. Bring on a new direction! And on that note, he’s turned his eye to Standard’s prowess cards. Can Stormchaser Mage return to the spotlight at SCG Richmond?

Revelation Nation

Matt Higgs is busting out the brooms because he’s ready to sweep! The battlefield, that is. Will his latest Standard brews convince you to pass the time with Hour of Revelation at the SCG Syracuse Classic?

Sphinxes In Standard

Two words: Sphinx tribal. Two decks: Higgs brews. If you’re ready to see one of SCG’s top creative minds turn Standard into his playground, this is the article for you!

The Hour Of Power: Gods In New Standard

The new Gods are going to be hard to deal with! That’s why brewer Matt Higgs has re-invented Zombies and other creature decks to maximize on the mythic monsters of Hour of Devastation!

Eating Desert First

Matt Higgs has never been afraid to start a meal with cake, so it only makes sense that he’d love the new desserts of Hour of Devastation. Er, make that Deserts. Either way, the brews are pretty sweet!