AuthorLords Of Limited

Lords of Limited is a podcast dedicated to getting you better at all things Draft. Your hosts, Ben and Ethan, are Limited grinders on Magic Online and share their thoughts and insights every week to help you get the edge to win your next Draft or Sealed event. Sporting hundreds of drafts per format between the two of them, they have the most up to date information from Prerelease to the final week of a format.

Making The Final Cut

How do you decide the 40th card for your deck? The Lords of Limited share a six-category rubric to get it right!

Lords of Limited Episode 123

Episode 123 is here with the Lords of Limited patented Full 45 episode taking you through a complete review of one of Ben’s Draft Logs. After a brief update on the state of the format, your hosts dive into an entire draft, explaining their reasoning and decisions for every single pick!

Throne Of Eldraine Sealed Prep!

Playing in a Sealed event with Throne of Eldraine? The Lords of Limited have your back! In this episode, they cover general points about the format and walk you through building decks.

Finding Your Eldraine Lane

What’s the optimal lane for your seat in Throne of Eldraine Draft? The Lords of Limited outline the principles of finding your lane and take you eight picks deep in drafts to put the concept into practice!

Throne Of Eldraine Early Impressions

Close to twenty drafts and four trophies later, the Lords of Limited go over the optimal Draft strategy for Throne of Eldraine, the best decks, cards that changed in value, and their new rankings for the top commons!

Throne Of Eldraine Crash Course!

You want Throne of Eldraine Stats? The Lords of Limited have Throne of Eldraine stats! They cover cards they graded significantly differently and rank their top commons and uncommons. Your head start in Limited is a podcast away!

Throne of Eldraine Predictions

Lords of Limited 116 is here and brings you Ben and Ethan’s predictions for the Throne of Eldraine limited environment. We take a look at many of the commons and uncommons that have been previewed so far as well as the archetypes that they support.

Drafting The Bot Way

The Lords of Limited return to share what they believe to be the optimal approach to drafting with the bots on MTG Arena, and also discuss four new preview cards from Throne of Eldraine !

Live From GP Las Vegas

The Lords of Limited recorded this one live in Las Vegas! They briefly talk the overlap between poker and Magic before fielding listener questions from the audience!

Ben Stark Talks Draft

Special guest and Limited master Ben Stark joins the Lords of Limited! Get his Draft strategy for Arena and tips to elevate your 40-card game!