AuthorKyle Sanchez

Kyle, or Sanchez as he's affectionately known, is a long-time SCG fan favorite and former Magic Invitational nominee. Along with a GP Top 8, he's got a list of money finishes at GPs and the Pro Tour. These days, he's busy managing his industrial warehousing and used store fixture business, but always a fan of a unique brew, he's dusting off the rust by playing FNM every week!


Kyle attended the Invitational and had quite the adventure. While his Invitational time ended rather abruptly, he had a good run in the Legacy Open with Hive Mind.

Motivational Magic

Kyle Sanchez couldn’t make it to FNM, but instead he’s gotten to thinking about what Magic has done for him and his life. What has Magic done for you?

FNM Diaries #5 – Back To Back With Obliterator

Nostalgia is just as important to Magic as the pros that play the game and the company that prints the cards. Within the tournaments are memories that stick in our head and give us perspective on this ever-growing enigma we indulge in.

FNM Diaries #4 – POTC Crowned

Standard is interactive, lots of critter combat, lots of fatty boom boom’s to finish games out, lots of different angles in an open metagame where even something like Phyrexian Obliterator can dominate if supported properly…

Milling My Life Away: Twins With Crabs!

Follow the onomatopoeia and the stories, which lead to a deck that has been receiving a bit of hype in recent weeks. Mill is the perfect rogue brew for rogue-ish characters who like to beat up on Valakut and Caw.

Down And Dirty – Highlighting New Brews From Pro Tour: San Diego

SCG Open Richmond!

Wednesday, February 24th – Pro Tour: San Diego offered up a fresh new Standard format. With players across the world brainstorming innovative new designs, Kyle Sanchez looks at the standout offerings that break away from the usual tried and tested strategies. Standard is evolving, and if you’re looking for something different for this weekend’s StarCityGames.com Standard Open in Richmond, look no further!

Down And Dirty – Worldwaking Up Ranger Of Crabs!

SCG Open Richmond!

Monday, February 15th – Kyle turned his back on Extended in Oakland this past weekend, choosing instead to update his Ranger of Crabs Standard deck and rock out a local $1000 Standard tournament. He rattled through the competition to a high finish, and he shares his thoughts on the deck today!

Down And Dirty – Worldwake Shakes Standard

Grand Prix: Oakland!

Wednesday, February 10th – Worldwake is here, and mages around the world are tinkering with the new cards, looking for fresh Standard fare. Kyle looks at the pre-WWK metagame, and suggests how things will change with the arrival of the new set. Will Jund still be king of the castle? Read on to find out!

Down And Dirty – Waltzing Around Worldwake

Grand Prix: Oakland!

Wednesday, February 3rd – With the Worldwake prerelease behind us, it’s time to examine the cards that made an impression last weekend. Kyle Sanchez takes a look at a selection of cool new spells that caught his eye, suggesting that the best card in the set may not be a certain planeswalker at all…

Down And Dirty – Enlisting the Extended Elvish Army

Grand Prix: Oakland!

Wednesday, January 27th – The demise of Combo Elves as an Extended powerhouse has been greatly overstated, and the pointy-eared menace has been popping up in PTQ Top 8s with alarming regularity. Kyle takes us through his version of the deck, played by Billy Moreno to a PTQ finals position, and runs through all the fun you can have with a Cloudstone Curio…

Down And Dirty – Understanding Extended: A PTQ Early Exit

Grand Prix: Oakland!

Wednesday, January 20th – Extended is packed with unfair decks. There are 20/20 guys on turn 2, seemingly infinite flyer/lifegain combos, one-card land-fueled combo decks, and much more. Kyle Sanchez, however, believes in the power of mid-range fairness. He shares his latest Extended Bant list inside!