AuthorJosh Ravitz

Josh Ravitz has been playing Magic for almost twenty years and is finally closing in on the rarefied air that is being a Level 50 planeswalker. An avid collector and tournament grinder of all levels, Josh enjoys the combination of Stoneforge Mystic and Jace, the Mind Sculptor and plans to be buried alongside them.

A Modern Deck For The Modern World

Josh Ravitz didn’t want to play U/W/R at his latest PTQ, so what did he do? He played U/W/R! Find out what the difference was in this super exciting list before #SCGINVI!

Where Standard Is Going

It isn’t enough to understand the things that worked at the Pro Tour; you have to understand what it means for Standard in the weeks and months to come. Josh Ravitz tells you where we’re going by looking at where we came from.

Mono Black Devotion With M15

Josh Ravitz takes a look at where Mono Black is with the new set heading into the Pro Tour weekend! Read his extensive sideboarding guide before #SCGDAL!

My First Look At Vintage

Josh Ravitz has been bitten by the Vintage bug! Here, he shares his first deep impressions and offers some knowledge for others who are just beginning to discover the format!

Devoting Ohio To Black

While Josh didn’t have as much success in the Invitational as he might have hoped for, he was still able to paint Columbus quite black anyway with a finals appearance in the Standard Open. Check out how he’d update his deck for this weekend’s Grand Prix or #SCGVEGAS!

A Hard Glance At Legacy

Not everyone playing at the Columbus Invitational will have the breadth of Legacy experience Joshua Ravitz has! Here, he guides you through everything you need to know to survive Magic’s Eternal darling.

Washington Is Devoted to Black

SCG’s own Josh Ravitz won #SCGStates in Washington with B/G Devotion! Get his tournament report, sideboarding advice, and much, much more going into #SCGNJ!

A Map for Your Journey

Some Sealed pools are tougher than others. Josh Ravitz takes you through a tricky one, exploring several possible builds and bringing in a special guest for help!

Standard’s New Standard

How much did Journey into Nyx shake up Standard? Josh Ravitz scopes out the emerging metagame seen in the #SCGCIN Open results and explores G/B Dredge as an option for the Standard Open in #SCGKNOX.

Theros/Born Of The Gods Sealed

Get ready for Grand Prix Philadelphia this weekend by practicing building Sealed decks from pools with SCG Invitational Top 8 competitor Josh Ravitz!

Preparing For Charlotte

Josh looks at both Standard and Legacy ahead of this weekend’s StarCityGames.com Invitational in Charlotte and at the decks he’d like to play.

B/W Midrange In Standard

Three-time Grand Prix Top 8 competitor Josh Ravitz details his deckbuilding process for B/W Midrange. Take a look before SCG Standard Open: Seattle!