AuthorJon Agley

Jon Agley works full time as a researcher/faculty member of a Midwestern university – he has been playing Magic since 1994, and though he doesn’t frequently have time to play in larger tournaments, he follows the game closely by playing at local game stores, reading online content, and queuing on Magic Online. One time he accidentally qualified for the Pro Tour.

Heroes, Gods, & Monsters

Jon Agley looks at the conceptual roadmap WotC has given us to see if there are any interesting mechanic-driven decks that we can create for Theros Standard.

Becoming A Modern Master (Or Not)

For the first time, Jon Agley takes his Limited content to the digital realm! Check out his Modern Masters Draft videos to get ready for Grand Prix Las Vegas.

Retaining Card Value

Jon shares the set of basic metrics that he has used to more effectively manage his collection without needing to know the specifics of the current market.

Tilting And Standard

After going on tilt at a Standard tournament last weekend, Jon Agley looked into research about tilting and found some helpful information to share with you.

Decks At The Center Of The Maze

Delve into Dragon’s Maze with Jon Agley as he brainstorms deck ideas for Standard and Modern with Obzedat’s Aid, Sin Collector, and Beck // Call.

Tokens In The New Year

Looking for a Standard deck to start the new year off right at Friday Night Magic? Then check out Jon Agley’s W/R/B Tokens deck with Burn at the Stake.