AuthorJesse Smith

Jesse Smith is a newcomer to the Magic universe, beginning with M10 . He has since become a dedicated deckbuilder and motivated member of the Magic community. He largely dedicates his play time to Magic Online and breaking the Magic Online metagame. You can find him going by the name of Smi77y.

Meta Dominance

How do you determine if a deck is dominant? Jesse discusses how Delver and Zombies have performed in current Standard recently and recommends a deck for this weekend’s SCG Open Series: Atlanta featuring the Invitational.


Return to Ravnica is almost here, and deckbuilder Jesse Smith couldn’t be more excited! Even though it may be pointless since the whole spoiler isn’t out yet, he’s already brewed up a couple Standard decks with new cards.

Ten Bold Predictions

Read about the ten bold predictions that deck brewer Jesse Smith has for the future of Magic: The Gathering after seeing the latest Return to Ravnica spoilers.

Brain Pox

If you’re looking for something different to play at your next SCG Standard Open, see the decks that Jesse "Smi77y" Smith thinks have potential, including Mono-Black Pox, Bant Midrange, and G/W Infect.


Jesse Smith has been working on a new Standard brew that’s centered on Thragtusk and planeswalkers: Bant Midrange. See if this is the direction you’d like to go in for SCG Open Series: Kansas City this weekend.

Square One: B/U Zombies (Kamikaze)

One of Jesse’s brews from a few months back, B/U Zombies (aka Kamikaze), got two cards that it really needed to be more successful from M13. Read on to find out what they are!

Another PTQ Experience

Jesse Smith spent another week looking for the perfect Standard deck to play at a PTQ. He shares his experience so you can learn lessons about deck selection for your next PTQ or SCG Open Series.

Deck Considerations

PTQ grinder Jesse Smith gives you a glimpse into his thought process for choosing a Standard deck to play at a PTQ. Read to gain insight about deck selection before your next PTQ or SCG Open Series: Las Vegas.

Smi77y’s Angels – Magic 2013

Like he’s been doing for five sets now, Jesse Smith picks his three favorite most relevant cards from Magic 2013. Get excited to play with new cards this weekend at SCG Open Series: St. Louis!

A Product Of Hype

Find out what Jesse Smith thinks the best deck is in Standard right now—it might surprise you! And see why he thinks it’s only going to get better once M13 is released.

Ajani And Rancor: A New Standard

Jesse Smith is already brewing up Standard decks with cards spoiled from M13. Check out two lists he’s come up with so far: G/W Aggro and an update to his Hexblade deck.

Call Me Maybe

Remember Tempered Steel? Brewmaster Jesse Smith thinks that it’s poised for a comeback in the current Standard metagame. Consider both of his lists for the SCG Open Series featuring the Invitational in Indianapolis this weekend.

Battling The “King Of The Hill”

Looking for a deck to play at the SCG Standard Open in Worcester? Deckbuilder Jesse Smith has brewed up one that he thinks can contend with Delver, the current "King of the Hill" in Standard: W/B Midrange Tokens.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Jesse Smith, better known as Smi77y on Magic Online, explains why he loves brewing up new decks and what his goals are as a Magic player so you can better understand his deckbuilding intentions.

C’mon Man!

“Where is the innovation in Standard?” Jesse Smith gives his take on the lack of new decks in Avacyn Restored Standard and fills the gap with a few brews of his own.