AuthorJeff Hoogland

Jeff Hoogland is one of the foremost deckbuilders around today. He is constantly innovating and walking his own path when it comes to Magic deck innovation without sacrificing performance. He is a constant fixture of The SCG Tour® and has become one of its most prolific players over the last three years.

Playing Grixis Delver: Part 2

SCG Tour standout Jeff Hoogland returns with his excellent advice and thorough sideboarding guide for Grixis Delver in Legacy! Is it truly the new best deck in the format?

Building Grixis Delver

Jeff Hoogland is excited for all the Legacy lovers headed to SCG Atlanta this weekend! He has what he feels is the best build of the best deck with the best cards in the format! Check out Part 1 of his two-parter on Grixis Delver!

Let’s Talk Kiki Blue

Jeff Hoogland loves all things Kiki-Chord, but we’ve all got to change it up sometimes! So naturally, he’s just moving some colors around here and there! And he’s also doing a lot of winning. Can he crush SCG Indianapolis with this new special?

The Ultimate #SCGRegionals Guide To Kiki Chord

Jeff Hoogland is one of the most frequently featured faces on The SCG Tour®, and he’s the foremost champion of the most creature-crazy deck in the format! This archetype will undoubtedly be in the fold this weekend at #SCGRegionals, and Jeff wants to help you prepare in full!

Loam Is Where The Heart Is

Jeff Hoogland provides a primer on the Four-Color Loam deck that he’s played to three Top 4 finishes at SCG Legacy Opens this year. Check it out!

A Magic Carpet Ride With RUG

If you’re looking for something different to play in Standard at #SCGINVI in Atlanta, check out the RUG Flash deck Jeff Hoogland played to Top 16 at #SCGKC.