AuthorJason Moore

Jason Moore is a Pauper enthusiast hailing from Los Angeles, California. He is one of the format's most prolific writers, and has recorded hundreds of Pauper videos on, his Youtube page

Giving Out Green Cards

A Pauper-related trend has popped up when it comes to recent expansions. Jason explores this trend and looks at an upcoming card, Invasive Species!

Thanks Are in Order!

Today Jason celebrates the Pauper players that have been kind enough to sleeve up some of his deck lists. Afterwards, he contemplates a few of the spoiled commons from Magic 2015!

Bow to the Masters

Vintage Masters will be introducing a number of cards to the Classic Pauper pool! See which ones Jason thinks should be worked into your upcoming brews!

Return to Sender

Auramancer and Font of Return make quite the Pauper pair. Jason’s been playing both in an Orzhov value deck, and today he’s going to tell you all about it!

Are We Lost? Are We Liberated?

Premier Events aren’t firing. Players and content providers are seemingly dropping like flies. Jason thinks it’s time to assess the state of Classic Pauper and reconsider the format’s merits and purpose.

Introducing Affini-Fae!

After a bit of theorycrafting and testing, Jason has blended the synergies of Mono-Blue Delver and Affinity in an attempt to shake things up for Pauper fans.

Powerful Deck Attributes

Robust Pauper decks tend to share certain functional qualities. Today Jason explores their various forms and asks you to find even more!

Addicted To Fair Things

What does it meant to “play fair” in Pauper? Jason discusses the notion of fair things and looks for ways to overcome his addiction to them.

The Scott Summers Of Pauper

Jason explains what he likes and dislikes about the current Nivix Cyclops decks and what critical elements should be incorporated for their success.

Attacking The New Year

Jason breaks down the most coveted qualities of Pauper aggro and offers up some possible deck choices. Will you join him in the fight?

Pauper Warfare

Jason examines the commonalities between the Pauper format and the strategies and philosophies of war. How well equipped are you to fight the good Pauper fight?