AuthorDanny West

Gamer, Writer, Survivor, Danny West pioneered the Commander VS video series alongside Wizards of the Coast's own David McDarby. In 2015, he began helping with SCG content after a bout with a serious and rare form of cancer. In between copy editing and helping code and coordinate SCG content, he "works" on a YouTube channel that documents his attempts to play every video game ever made.

The Cancer Diaries: Prologue Prose

Danny West returns to writing after years away by opening up about the difficult life that awaits us after cancer. He’s doing it the only way he knows how: by telling the truth and talking about Commander decks with his friends.

Some Assembly Required

The holidays are arriving early this year at StarCityGames! We’ve been sent a gift and we’re not sure how it works…Maybe you can help us out!

Commander Theme Decks: Game Of Thrones

Already going through Game of Thrones withdrawal? Let Danny West ease your pain! Stark meets snark as SCG’s content majordomo dishes out 100-card decklists and shade for days!

Every Magic Set Ever, Part 5

It’s the grand finale as Danny West counts down the final places of his ranking of Every Magic Set Ever! Which iconic release will land at the top?

Ranking Every Magic Set Ever, Part 4

We’re getting into the upper tiers of Danny West’s ranking of Every Magic Set Ever! But be warned: not even quality can save these releases when they’re dropped into the Snark Tank!

Ranking Every Magic Set Ever, Part 1

So far, 95 Magic sets have been printed. SCG Editor Danny West is ranking them all…as only he can. All the wit you could want is a click away! Which sets are your favorites? How do they rank up?


SCG Editor Danny West reacts to the sudden ban of Felidar Guardian.

The SCG Top 8: August 29, 2016

From triple Lightning Bolts to the second Conspiracy set, it’s been a wonderful and wild weekend of Magic! Danny West brings you the latest news from Indianapolis, Guangzhou, and Fiora in this week’s SCG Top 8!

SCG Top 8: August 22, 2016

What a week! Between the three days of the Season Two #SCGINVI in New Jersey and the latest Conspiracy: Take the Crown spoilers, there’s a lot to take in. Danny West has your Top 8 guide to what happened and what’s next!